Full Time
G Fisiiahi
F Mateo
S Rapira
A Heremaia
J Lillyman
U Ta'ai
M Luck
L Hohaia
80:00 All over at Mt Smart and the Warriors continue their climb up the ladder with a second win on the trot, working hard for their tries but being much cleaner than the Roosters.
78:00 Another shocking pass to poor old Leilua is too high for him to drag in. The Roosters have made an extraordinary number of handling errors - 15 or 16 - many through poor passing.
76:50 PENALTY GOAL WARRIORS - After Myles is pinged for a nothing push on the player who had just played the ball, Maloney accepts the offer of two more to stretch the lead to 24-12.
74:30 Berrigan takes a charging Leilua front on and his reward for that is the Roosters number 5 spills it. He hasn't had a happy night of it.
73:15 Once again, the Roosters make half a break and find a little space down the right, but the pass sets up Leilua who can't stay in the field of play. More good cover defence from the locals.
71:30 The Warriors look switched on in defence although the Roosters aren't challenging them on every set. This time the bomb from the 40 is comfortably and confidently taken by Hohaia.
69:25 CONVERSION WARRIORS - Maloney slots the extras and that might have sealed it at 22-12 with just over 10 minutes left.
67:40 TRY WARRIORS - The Roosters look all at sea and throw a hopeful pass back into the middle of the park to no-one ... except Berrigan who swoops and sprints 35 metres to score.
66:50 Another set from the Warriors that started well comes unstuck on the last just a couple of metres out as Mateo tries to get over and when he's stopped, flicks it out the back.
63:50 The Roosters attack hard and fast down the right and keep it alive on the last until the last pass from Kenny-Dowall is spilt just 10 metres out.
61:25 The Warriors take it within 10 metres of the Roosters' line before Mateo is judged to have lost the ball despite about four Roosters being all over him in the tackle.
59:10 Great scrambling defence from the Roosters after Brown spills the ball to give the Roosters good field position, and they finally chase the Roosters down and bundle Minichiello into touch.
56:30 CLOSE CALL - A perfect cross-field chip from Maloney this time, a great jump and catch above his head from Inu, but Leilua does brilliantly to get his leg underneath the ball and Inu can't ground it.
54:35 CONVERSION ROOSTERS - Anasta has another fairly simple shot for the extras and he has no trouble making it 12-16.
53:20 TRY ROOSTERS - Easy as you like for Pearce as he stands one off the play-the-ball, accepts the pass and slips through a big gap to get the Roosters right back into it.
51:20 Bad luck for the Roosters again as they try to kick down the right touchline and a Warrior sticks his boot out to put it into touch and they call not played at! What? Surely that was clear?
48:45 What a storming run from Mannering as he takes it down the middle of the field about 50 metres before trying to offload and losing it in the tackle.
47:55 CONVERSION WARRIORS - Maloney must be rapt to have a more straightforward shot and he makes no mistake. Warriors 16-6.
46:30 TRY WARRIORS - A Lance Hohaia special! He takes it 15 out, steps, dodges, shimmies and beats three would-be tacklers to dive over.
45:20 The Roosters go wide to the left just near halfway and look set to break away but are called back for a forward pass!? Really? Didn't look like it.
44:00 Hohaia does very well to defuse a bomb and start running and then Friend gives him a bit too much work in the tackle and is penalised, so the Warriors are on the attack again.
42:40 Gee Masoe has been in everything so far and he's in trouble now as he comes off second best after tackling Ta'ai. He was grimacing and holding his left shoulder, but he's come good.
41:33 Third time unlucky for Masoe as he takes another big hit and this time does spill it only about 15 metres out from the Warriors line.
40:01 The Warriors kick off to get the second half underway and it starts with a massive hit from Ta'ai on Masoe, but as he almost spills it the ref rules a strip against the Warriors.
40:00 MISS - This time the challenge is too much for Maloney as he kicks from the right touchline but across the face, so it stays 10-6 Warriors as they head to the sheds for the break.
38:50 TRY WARRIORS - Textbook stuff from the home side as they run hard, with Hohaia making good metres, before a quick shift to the right on the last gives Brown half a gap and he's good enough to take it.
36:50 The Roosters again look very threatening running it right-to-left on the last before Carney's pass to Graham has the big man diving for it and he can't hang on, so the Warriors hold firm.
34:45 Super grubber on the last on the run from the Roosters sends Hohaia back into his in-goal but he turns on the afterburners and blasts straight back out.
33:30 Concerns for Fisiiahi now as he dodges a couple of tackling attempts before being caught low then hit in the upper body and bent backwards. He is helped off keeping his left leg off the ground.
32:00 Latimore almost makes a decisive bust before Maloney repeats his earlier trick, for the third time kicking high into the right corner but too high and too close to the touchline.
30:35 Anasta is penalised - a little harshly it seems - for going high on Fisiiahi, so the Warriors will start yet another set in attacking territory.
29:25 The Warriors come very close but one bad pass lost them 15 metres and then the kick on the last was regathered by Maloney who was stopped three metres out.
25:55 Gee the Warriors are being made to fight and they do! Firstly the stop Graham just short of the line, only to be penalised for two actions, but then they pressure Todd Carney who spills it.
24:10 A great tackle to start with comes unstuck as Luck gets under his opposite number and lifts Myles into a dangerous position.
22:10 Again the Warriors get off the hook with a handling error from the Roosters as a bad pass goes to ground, but then they immediately return the favour with another spilt ball.
20:40 Lillyman is hammered for the second time in a couple of minutes and for the second time the ball comes loose. A great front-on hit from Myles gives the Roosters the ball on halfway.
18:10 CONVERSION WARRIORS - An absolute arrow from Maloney from the left touchline doesn't deviate on its way between the uprights to make it 6-6.
16:25 TRY WARRIORS - A quick reply as the Warriors accept a penalty, go straight forward, then give it to Mateo who dribbles it off his left to the left corner where Inu dives on it and over.
14:20 CONVERSION ROOSTERS - One of those just about anyone could kick, so no trouble for a kicker like Anasta from right in front he makes it 6-0.
13:05 TRY ROOSTERS - A super run down the right from Leilua, then a pass infield to Pearce who takes it forward fast and pops it over to Kenny-Dowall to finish the move under the posts.
12:00 Fisiiahi again looks threatening and this time Maloney dribbles a kick into the right corner to end the set and ask the Roosters to start from a scrum.
09:52 Maloney tries the same trick to finish the Warriors' set, a chip to the right corner, and the same result, as it's a touch deep and too close to the sideline.
08:40 Anasta tackles Heremaia and as they go to ground big Waerea-Hargreaves arrives and gives his skipper a forearm to the face. Ow! Can't blame Anasta for going down there.
07:35 Friend kicks on the last from dummy half and it's a dodgy old helicopter heading for the right sideline and out ... but on the bounce.
05:40 Todd Carney kicks on the last, putting it up high for Justin Carney in the left corner but he can't reel it in and the Roosters' set finishes like the Warriors' one before it.
04:22 Tit-for-tat penalties it seems as the Warriors are pulled up for not retreating the 10. I guess the refs want to establish the 10 early.
03:30 Great work from Fisiiahi and Heremaia amounts to nought as the Roosters hold firm and the kick goes out.
02:08 An early penalty against the Roosters for being up inside the 10 and the Warriors start a set from inside the Roosters' half.
00:35 On just the third tackle of the game Nate Myles goes down and struggles to get to his feet, clearly a bit wobbly.
00:01 After the Warriors took their time coming out onto the ground - and a corner post is put back in place - Anasta finally kicks off and we're underway.
00:00 A couple of line-up changes with Elijah Taylor starting in the Warriors second row and Lance Hohaia on the bench, while Phil Graham is in for the Roosters at centre, Aubusson to come off the bench.
00:00 All set at Mt Smart Stadium for this Heritage Round match-up between a couple of last-start winners, the 14th-placed Warriors and 8th-placed Roosters.
L Hohaia
S Berrigan, S Kenny-Dowall, K Inu, M Pearce, L Brown
J Maloney (3), B Anasta (2)
Penalty Goals
J Maloney
Missed Tackles
Penalties Awarded
Attempted Conversions
Attempted Penalty Goals
Attempted Field Goals
Hit Ups
Line Breaks
Handling Errors
Sin Bins
Send Offs
Broncos/Dragons 0 0 0 0 0 0
West Tigers/Warriors 0 0 0 0 0 0
Storm 19 5 0 521 308 42
Sea Eagles 18 6 0 539 331 40
Broncos 18 6 0 511 372 40
Wests Tigers 15 9 0 519 430 34
Dragons 14 9 1 483 341 33
Warriors 14 10 0 504 393 32
Cowboys 14 10 0 532 480 32
Knights 12 12 0 478 443 28
Bulldogs 12 12 0 449 489 28
Rabbitohs 11 13 0 531 562 26
Roosters 10 14 0 417 500 24
Panthers 9 15 0 430 517 22
Sharks 7 17 0 428 557 18
Eels 6 17 1 385 538 17
Raiders 6 18 0 423 623 16
Titans 6 18 0 363 629 16