Full Time
C Tuimavave
B Henry
K Hurrell
F Mateo
J Lillyman
A Mara
M Luck
R Packer
U Ta'ai
80:00 Full Time and no other way to describe the output from the Warriors than pathetic, as they've coughed up a 22-6 lead to let in an avalanche of unanswered points to go down by 42-22. Incredible.
77:05 CONVERSION MISSED - The points spree from the Green Machine is brought to a halt as Croker sprays his shot from 15m inside the right sideline. The damage is already done though. It's 42-22.
75:45 TRY RAIDERS - New Zealand simply not interested in shutting down the second-man play from Canberra as Waddell receives, grubbers to the right corner and sees Papalii wallking through to regather it.
73:05 CONVERSION RAIDERS - 32-straight points for the Raiders now as Croker bumps over the additionals from plumb in front. Warriors fans are flocking to the exits and who can blame them. It's 38-22.
71:59 TRY RAIDERS - This is getting embarassing for the Warriors as Papalii offers up a short ball to a dashing Robinson who cracks through from 30m out and doesn't look back. Unbelievable stuff really.
70:35 PENALTY GOAL RAIDERS - Kicking practice for Croker as he nudges home two further points from right in front and essentially, that shuts the door on New Zealand. Canberra should be home. 32-22.
69:35 CONVERSION RAIDERS - More unanswered points from the Green Machine as Croker curls through the two pointer from five metres inside the right sideline. Are the Warriors even out there? 30-22.
68:20 TRY RAIDERS - New Zealand fast moving towards being booed off the ground as Berrigan's towering midfield bomb is retrieved at speed by Ferguson 15m out before he steps past four to dot down.
67:40 CONVERSION RAIDERS - The Warriors nightmarish second halves continue as Croker winds over this deuce from five metres inside the right sideline to send CANBERRA INTO THE LEAD! Raiders up 24-22.
65:40 TRY RAIDERS - Ah-hoc play from the Raiders as Berrigan weighs up a grubber, chips instead to the right side and has Earl reeling it in before offloading late to the supporting Ferguson. SCORES LEVEL!
62:45 An extended explanation needed as McCrone rushes through to try and bat back Berrigan's clearing kick from outside the field of play before Referee Robinson rules that it's a drop out. What?
59:35 New Zealand receive their second contentious call within eight minutes as Earl is judged to have knocked on in pursuit of Berrigan's clearing kick from 40m out. Thought that Tupou had lost it?
57:58 CONVERSION RAIDERS - We're back to a single try the difference as Croker, with the wind blustering at his back, hooks the ball over the crossbar from the extremities of the left sideline. NZ up 22-18.
55:56 TRY RAIDERS - Scary times for NZ as Canberra continue their charge with Robinson scooping up a stray ball from dummy half before using his pace and fend to find chalk with a left-side run from 15m.
53:40 More points butchered by the Raiders as Croker hammers through from halfway with a slick dummy before hearing the call from Earl in support. Throwing a no-look ball, it ends up with Hurrell five out.
50:35 A lucky break for the Warriors as with the Raiders working their down their brittle right side, McCrone's short inside ball is judged to have been knocked on by Ferguson, instead of Henry.
47:03 CONVERSION RAIDERS - Croker narrows the gap to 10 as he steers over the two-pointer from 15m out in front. NZ fans will no doubt be nervous as the Warriors aint crash-hot in second halves. 22-12.
45:50 TRY RAIDERS - Is that the injection that Canberra were after as Buttriss escapes to his right before sliding an inside-ball to an angled run from Fensom who charges through and over from 20m out.
43:15 Play underway for the second half but it seems that the Raiders are yet to arise from their slumber as an unorthodox set comes to its end with Tilse somehow grubbering for Tuimavave 15m out. Odd.
40:00 Half Time at Mt Smart and troubling times for a finals-bound Canberra as they're yet to find their form and are being seriously worked over by a hungier and more intent Warriors. NZ leading it 22-6.
38:20 New Zealand in a charitable mood however as Vatuvei provides the muscle to help the hosts clear the ball from their in-goal before Hurrell provides the comic relief, knocking on 5 seconds later.
36:45 CONVERSION WARRIORS - A change of kicker for New Zealand and it's a shot which presents Maloney which no dramas. Stitched up from 15m out, just to the right of the posts. New Zealand motoring. 22-6.
34:35 TRY WARRIORS - A cleverly worked spread sees Canberra GONE once more as Maloney arcs to his right with pace before sending Godinet clean through from eight out. Raiders simply don't want this.
31:50 Canberra are looking shot to pieces on their fringes as Tuimavave chimes in through the middle with a bullet-like pass which sees henry bundled into touch just over halfway. Warriors dominate.
28:06 CONVERSION MISSED - Not the most confident conversion attempt that I've ever seen as Henry skews his effort from the left sideline, leaving it well wide to the near side. NZ move out to 16-6.
26:50 TRY WARRIORS - Lesson 1 for Canberra. In Finals footy, your defensive line needs to slide QUICKLY. Lesson 2. If you leave Vatuvei alone on the fly 10m out and throw him a cut-out, he WILL hurt you.
24:15 No real urgency to end this set as McCrone elects to just thread the ball into touch with 40m to travel to Canberra's chalk. You wonder if the Raiders are thinking finals-preservation at this point?
21:20 CONVERSION WARRIORS - Henry makes light work of his shot from adjacent to the right upright and with it, New Zealand play from the front once more. The Raiders really need a spark here. 12-6.
19:59 TRY WARRIORS - Now it's opening up, especially if you're a Raiders defender as Matulino takes a regulation hit-up from 15m out, brushing off green jerseys like flies. Deplorable defence from Canberra.
17:10 CONVERSION RAIDERS - No problems for Croker with the shot from 15m out easily pumped over the crossbar. Not surprisingly, there seems to a distinct lack of energy at both teams at present. 6-6.
15:15 TRY RAIDERS - McCrone ensures that the Raiders second visit inside their attacking 20m zone is worth it as he grubbers precisely for Berrigan who angles off his hip to finish up with it from 15m out.
12:55 Pelo puts his hand up to impress the Canberra selectors as he dashes into top gear off his kick return but picks out the 105kg shoulder of Matulino to run at. Mental note Pelo. Don't do that again.
10:30 CONVERSION WARRIORS - Henry hangs his hopes on his set shot being assisted by the gale-force wind behind him as he stabs at his effort from out wide, seeing it deflected off the post and over. 6-0.
08:40 TRY WARRIORS - Delightful movement, which has been extremely rare from NZ in the past months sees Tuimavave flashing it to his left before Hurrell links with Vatuvei in open pasture six metres out.
06:35 Not much better for the Warriors as Mateo spins a ball to heavily packed Raiders right side, finding Vatuvei who's immediately set upon by four defenders before (eventually) being pushed into touch.
03:40 Not the brightest start in almost perfect conditions as Buttriss turns a ball inside to Tilse's hard charge, only to have the big unit over-run it by three metres. Well forward. Warriors scrum 40 out.
00:01 A chance for Canberra to fine-tune their form ahead of the Finals as the Warriors welcome them to Mt Smart in a fixture which the hosts are merely playing for pride with their 2012 over..
B Ferguson (2), M Vatuvei (2), R Robinson (2), P Godinet, S Berrigan, B Matulino, J Papalii, S Fensom
B Henry (2)
J Croker (6), J Maloney
Penalty Goals
J Croker
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Penalties Awarded
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Attempted Penalty Goals
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2nd Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
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4th Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
5th Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
6th Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
7th Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
8th Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
Loser of 1 v 4 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of 5 v 8 0 0 0 0 0 0
Loser of 2 v 3 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of 6 v 7 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of 6 v 7 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of 1 v 4 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of Second Semi-Final 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of 2 v 3 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of First Semi-Final 0 0 0 0 0 0
1st Preliminary Final Winner 0 0 0 0 0 0
2nd Preliminary Final Winner 0 0 0 0 0 0
Bulldogs 18 6 0 568 369 40
Storm 17 7 0 579 361 38
Rabbitohs 16 8 0 559 438 36
Sea Eagles 16 8 0 497 403 36
Cowboys 15 9 0 597 445 34
Raiders 13 11 0 545 536 30
Sharks 12 11 1 445 441 29
Broncos 12 12 0 481 447 28
Dragons 11 13 0 405 438 26
Wests Tigers 11 13 0 506 551 26
Titans 10 14 0 449 479 24
Knights 10 14 0 448 488 24
Roosters 8 15 1 462 626 21
Warriors 8 16 0 497 609 20
Panthers 8 16 0 409 575 20
Eels 6 18 0 431 674 16