Full Time
K Hurrell
J Ropati
R Packer
N Friend
U Ta'ai
S Lousi
B Henry
F Mateo
80:00 Full Time in a highly entertaining fixture has seen the Warriors come from 16-0 down to nab the lead before the 'Dogs responded impressively with their backs doing the damage in a 32-18 victory.
79:56 CONVERSION MISSED - With seconds remaining, the tight shot from five metres inside the left sideline is sent across the face of goal by Turner, meaning there's no addition to the 32-18 scoreline.
79:04 TRY BULLDOGS - Fancy footwork from Morris draws four cover defenders down the left before he links with Hodkinson who receives with his right, flicks with his left and finds Romelo in support 11 out.
77:25 New Zealand are not without hope of a small miracle as they press towards the chalk from 30m out before Maloney tries a dinky chip which ends up floating easily to Barba in-goal. Chance extinguished.
75:47 CONVERSION BULLDOGS - With Wright having to angle across field in his put down, Turner's awarded a tricky shot which he duly bangs over from 15m inside the left sideline. 'Dogs out by 28-18.
73:36 TRY BULLDOGS - Coast to coast as Johnson's grubber is picked up by Barba in goal before his 60m dash is ended by Locke. With a quick play, Reynolds fires it to Wright who has an open run to the line.
70:17 NO TRY - These have been given but this time there's too much doubt as Mateo finds Locke angling sharply to the left before he slides in. With Barba underneath, did the ball touch the ground? Nope.
69:16 ON REPORT - Tolman earns the ire of the Warriors crowd as he swings a forearm into the neck of Maloney which sees the latter twisting his ankle in the tackle. Tolman in the book. Warriors 25m out.
67:13 CHANCE - Full credit to Barba who has stopped certain points as Maloney busts the line before trying to draw Barba to put Ta'ai through from six out. Miraculously though, Barba strips it out.
65:13 She's bubbling nicely now as Reynolds steps sharply off his right and catches a nice high jersey grab from Mateo on the way down. Reynolds stays down as though he's been decapitated. Poor form.
62:58 Watch this space as Ennis, shortly after Kasiano's try, rushed over to plant his hands flush in the face of Mannering, sparking a miniature all-in. No punches but it sets an interesting sub-plot.
60:58 CONVERSION BULLDOGS - With Turner M.I.A, Ennis steps up to take the kicking duties, steering it home from adjacent to the left upright. Bulldogs snare back the lead in a thriller. 22-18.
59:52 TRY BULLDOGS - You wouldn't know it either as a regulation hit-up from Kasiano sees him dragged down and pulled back (seemingly) from three out before he jumps up in delight. Duly awarded. Odd.
57:39 Consecutive sets now for the Warriors but the Bulldogs hold firm as Henry scampers to his right, only to lose control of the ball in centre field with the chalk looming. Hodkinson gladly accepts it..
55:56 Ta'ai continues the peppering of the Bulldogs try line defence as a surging run sees him held up on the fourth. With ad-hoc play on the fifth, a jumbled kick sees Goodwin knocking on 11 out. Six more.
53:57 Mannering applies pressure once more to Hodkinson as the Bulldogs look to harass the Warriors line on the fifth from 25m out. With heat applied, Hodkinson's kick is dragged out of midair by Henry.
51:50 CONVERSION WARRIORS - That's the lead for the Warriors as Maloney's perfect strike from the left sideline splits the middle with relative ease. 'Dogs need to strike soon. Warriors on top at 18-16.
49:59 TRY WARRIORS - Not the most cohesive play but it brings points as Matulino flicks it out the back to Packer who fires it to Mateo who dummies to his left to carry Barba and Wright over in the corner.
46:58 NZ, after earning themselves a penalty for a strip, butcher an opportunity for points with a first tackle play 25m out which sees Mateo flick it to Ropati who flicks it to Tupou who knocks on.
43:48 It's all the visitors in the early stages as their second-phase play begins to trouble the Warriors who are needing to scramble madly to keep the likes of Pritchard and Hodkinson contained.
41:40 An early offload in traffic sees the Bulldogs hot on attack as Kasiano turns Barba through the middle before Locke secures him 25m from the line. Warriors are slow getting back here. Trouble.
40:00 Half Time and plenty to like about both sides endeavour in the first stanza, with the 'Dogs rushing out to an early 16-0 lead before the Warriors found their feet..and passing game. 'Dogs up 16-12.
38:59 Brutal try line defending saves the Warriors as an impossible offload from Morris (was it raked?) finds Goodwin who's taken around the shoulders by Mannering and thrown into touch two metres short.
35:58 The 'Dogs survive the latest onslaught as Johnson is forced to kick hurriedly towards the left on the fifth, resulting in a frenzy of hands seeing Ropati knock it dead in-goal. Doggies 20m tap.
33:44 Johnson puts the Warriors on the front foot once more as quick swerve to the right sees him chipping awkwardly for Vatuvei from 30m out. With Barba arriving early, he jumps early at it..and knocks on.
30:55 CONVERSION WARRIORS - We've got a ball game now as Maloney makes no mistake from adjacent to the left upright. From looking jaded on their feet, the Warriors are now full of steam to trail 16-12.
29:09 TRY WARRIORS - Momentum shift in this one as the kickoff from Ennis floats dead on the full. Fast forward downfield for 80m and Mateo's slide to the right sees Lousi burrowing through from six out.
26:47 CONVERSION WARRIORS - Not easy by any stretch but Maloney gets enough hook on this one from 15m inside the right sideline to send it over the crossbar. Warriors on the board now at 16-6.
25:47 TRY WARRIORS - Simplistic line-running opens up the Bulldogs as Mateo, fresh on the ground, promotes the ball to Maloney who busts through from 35m out before dragging Barba and Morris over.
24:57 NO TRY - A half-chance squandered by the Warriors as Maloney's high-kick to the right corner is batted back (forward?) by Vatuvei before Hurrell clambers on it in-goal, knocking on his grounding.
22:55 An accidental clash sees Goodwin removed from the field as his hit-up from his wing position sees him glance heads with Hurrell. Goodwin's forehead looks as though it's been attacked with a scalpel.
20:27 Morris get his revenge less than one minute later however as with Friend darting to the right to feed Vatuvei on the short side, Morris rushes over to hammer 'The Beast' into touch from 16m out.
18:53 Vatuvei injects himself into game (at last!) as he monsters Morris one-on-one and leaves an indentation of his right shoulder in Morris's chest. Warriors finally see good field position 35m out..
15:57 CONVERSION BULLDOGS - Straight in front and the Doggies keep up with game clock, pushing the score out to 16-0 in the 16th minute. Mind you, the Warriors trailed by 16-0 in the opening round too.
14:48 TRY BULLDOGS - WOW. Quick hands and decoy runs to the Warriors left side sees Barba splice straight through before his 65m dart draws Locke to see Wright put away under the posts from 25 out.
13:42 CONVERSION MISSED - A shocker from Turner as a somewhat rushed kick from five minutes inside the right sideline stays to the right. The way the 'Dogs are going though it doesn't matter. 10-0.
12:13 TRY BULLDOGS - Clean set of heels from Reynolds splits the line as Ropati pushes up too quickly, allowing Reynolds to fire through before he kicks wide to find Turner pouncing from the clouds.
10:23 New Zealand looking a little rusty as their trademark open style of play sees Maloney looking to turn Locke through the inside from 45m out however with Locke misreading the ball, it's knocked on.
07:58 Friend heaps the pressure on NZ as his failure to remove himself from the play the ball sees the 'Dogs set up 40 out. The six doesn't account to much though with Hodkinson's grubber finding Hurrell.
05:35 CONVERSION BULLDOGS - Easy attempt for Turner early on as from adjacent to the right of the posts, he sends it over the black dot. Doggies happy to spread it early and looking good with the 6-0 lead.
04:47 TRY BULLDOGS - Beautiful second phase play sees Ennis pumping it to Kasiano before he sends Pritchard through from 45 out, seeing him grubber towards the line for a flying Barba to regather 10 out.
02:46 NO TRY - Messy play as Stagg's intended pass for Barba hits the turf before Locke and Barba arrive in goal in simultaneous attempts to ground it. TMO has a few looks before ruling Barba knocked on.
01:06 A classic case of looking at the defensive line before taking possession of the ball as Ta'ai spills it forward on the fourth tackle 35m out. Bulldogs licking their lips at this tasty first set..
00:00 Welcome to an overcast Mt Smart as the Warriors return to their traditional home for the first time in 2012 to encounter the table-topping Bulldogs. 'Dogs out first, Warriors still in the sheds.
S Lousi, F Mateo
B Barba, S Turner, J Wright (2), J Maloney, S Kasiano, J Romelo
S Turner (3), J Maloney (3), M Ennis
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Attempted Conversions
Attempted Penalty Goals
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2nd Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
3rd Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
4th Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
5th Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
6th Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
7th Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
8th Placed Team 0 0 0 0 0 0
Loser of 1 v 4 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of 5 v 8 0 0 0 0 0 0
Loser of 2 v 3 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of 6 v 7 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of 6 v 7 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of 1 v 4 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of Second Semi-Final 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of 2 v 3 0 0 0 0 0 0
Winner of First Semi-Final 0 0 0 0 0 0
1st Preliminary Final Winner 0 0 0 0 0 0
2nd Preliminary Final Winner 0 0 0 0 0 0
Bulldogs 18 6 0 568 369 40
Storm 17 7 0 579 361 38
Rabbitohs 16 8 0 559 438 36
Sea Eagles 16 8 0 497 403 36
Cowboys 15 9 0 597 445 34
Raiders 13 11 0 545 536 30
Sharks 12 11 1 445 441 29
Broncos 12 12 0 481 447 28
Dragons 11 13 0 405 438 26
Wests Tigers 11 13 0 506 551 26
Titans 10 14 0 449 479 24
Knights 10 14 0 448 488 24
Roosters 8 15 1 462 626 21
Warriors 8 16 0 497 609 20
Panthers 8 16 0 409 575 20
Eels 6 18 0 431 674 16